Stanley Bostitch Pneumatic Stapling Pliers

Posted by: developer
Jun 2011

• Powerful shuttle blade provides pre-compression prior and
during the stapling operation giving a strong, tight
closure without breaking the corrugated surface

• 6” by 1” high throat allows flexibility of staple placement and
limits interference from obstacles such as box flanges

• C-Curved blade available for sealing partial overlap cartons

• Penetrates and securely fastens up to 2x AB flute or 4x C flute
boards (for more layers see ESD-450S2P)

These powerful, heavy-duty pneumatic stapling pliers are a must for fastening corrugated containers, pallet boxes, container inserts and other corrugated material requiring a plier type stapler. Four models driving .103” x .020” (2.6mm x .5mm) and .050” x .019” (1.3mm x .48mm) ribbon wire, seal up to two thicknesses of double-wall board, AB flute, 500 lb. (226.8 Kg.) test or four thicknesses of single-wall board, C flute, 275 lb. (124.7 Kg) test. This time-saving tool for carton assembly and closure is fast and easy to use.

Powerful direct action of the P50 shuttle compresses material prior to and while each staple is being driven and securely clinched. Precompression assures proper alignment of staple during driving cycle to give a strong, tight closure without breaking surface of corrugated board. With other stapling pliers, the staple simply draws the corrugated board together, often ripping the liner. The Model P51 precompression shuttle holds liner damage to a minimum.

Especially designed for applications of varying thicknesses of packing material. Handles staple leg lengths from 3/8” (9.5mm) to 5/8” 15.9mm) depending on the work requirements. Six-inch (152.4mm) deep throat provides for placing staple well in from edge of the work wherever desired. Large staple capacity reduces reloading time and extends work periods.

Stationary blade design of Model P51 plier makes it easy to mount one or more in any desired stapling pattern. With remote control kit, operation can be triggered by a solenoid or simple air device.

Full one-inch opening between clincher blade and driver enables the Model P51 to be used over obstacles such as box flanges…eliminates the usual need to die cut for plier blade insertion.