The Best Way To Close a Corrugated Box!

Posted by: ascadmin
Aug 2011

Of the four ways to close a corrugated board box, one is by far the best. Do you use it?

Stapling is the best closing method for carton board boxes.  Why?

-It saves time
-It produces stable packaging
-Staples are 100% recyclable

The more cartons closed, the more is saved by stapling.
The results of a comparative study, which took into account the cost of the box closing material along with the time taken to close a number of boxes, shows that tape, and plastic strapping cost on average 30% more than staples. Box stapling therefore ends up being the method that makes most sense, being fast and more economical. The investment in the tooling required for box stapling will end up being regained very quickly, after which you can be guaranteed to look forward to a steady profit for years to come.