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New Product: Agrifast Vine Pliers

Vine plier season is quickly approaching so now is the time to select which tools work best for you. With their newly upgraded and well-designed 141 and 142 vine pliers, Agrifast is offering a smooth experience to your work load. Contact us for a quote!

About Ample Supply

Ample Supply Company is a major distributor of industrial staplers and nailers along with their respective staples and nails. We stock all the major brands including Josef Kihlberg, Rapid, Stanley Bostitch, Arrow, Fasco, BeA, and more. Our staff is experienced in the varied applications for staplers, stitchers, and nailers in the industrial, commercial, construction and office environments. Our well-trained sales and customer service representatives are as close as your phone, fax, or computer. We work hard to provide unparalleled service to our customers and to prove you made the right choice when you selected Ample Supply as your business partner.

Finding the right tool can be difficult with hundreds to choose from and new ones coming out all the time.  With over 30 years of experience in the business, we can help you find the right tools for your industry, maximize your productivity, and extend the life of your tools.  Contact Ample Supply today to get started!