Bostitch P51-5B Pneumatic Plier Stapler

Bostitch P51-5B Pneumatic Plier Stapler

Powerful shuttle blade provides pre-compression squeezes material prior and during the driving and clinching operation giving a strong tight closure without breaking the corrugated surface.

6″ by 1″ high throat allows flexibility of staple placement and limits interference from obstacles such as box flanges.

C-Curved blade available for sealing partial overlap cartons.

Penetrates and securely fastens up to two thicknesses of double wall AB flute 500 lb. test board or four thicknesses of single wall C flute 275 lb. test board (for more layers see ESD-450S-2P).

Kits available: P50K1 kit with foot valve, remote trigger valve and clincher, P50181 remote trigger valve; P50148A Sword Clincher

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Works Great For...

Bag Closing

Bag Headers

Box Closing

Box Trays and Lids

Card Displays




Tube End Caps

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