Rapid 106E Electric Saddle Stapler

Rapid 106E Electric Saddle Stapler

Includes a 2 YEAR manufacturer warranty! If your stapler gives you any problems whatsoever send it right back to us, we are Rapid Isaberg’s Authorized Repair Center for the United States and we will gladly repair your stapler.

Ideal for office, packaging, publication, and print finishing.
Comes with a work table for flat and saddle stapling and can handle flat, saddle, and loop stapling.
The 106E can be used with or without the worktable.


  • Staples 50 sheets of (20lb. paper)
  • Adjustable power
  • Adjustable stapling depth
  • Work table and foot pedal
  • Can mount multiple staplers together for greater production capacity
Additional Information
Works Great For...

Book Binding

Card Displays


Graphic Arts

Header Cards

Saddle Stitching

Uses These Fasteners...